The features that make Contractpedia powerful


Contracts + eSignature


To-dos & Alerts










Contractpedia will help you to be aware of your contract obligations and to find places where you can save money on your contracts. It will also remind you to take action about your contracts before it’s too late. With such a complete overview, Contractpedia is the ideal central repository for all your contracts. Scroll down to learn more.




Contracts + eSignature

You keep losing money because you don’t manage your contracts. Start fixing this with Contractpedia.

Get an accurate picture of your contract situation


Discover service overlaps among your contracts


Export your contract list to an Excel file


eSign with DocuSign® right from Contractpedia





To-dos & Alerts

Secure that you never again forget about the important dates on your contracts.

Eliminate missed termination notices


Keep all your automatic renewals in check


Get intelligent help about taking actions


Create your own to-dos and email reminders






Contractpedia is your tool for eliminating unnecessary costs and improving the bottom line.

Gain visibility of your remaining obligations


Plan better quarterly and yearly budgets


Financial overview in a secure repository


Take action to improve financial performance






Better contract and supplier management. Your Company, your suppliers

Get in the driver’s seat of supplier relations


Take the right decisions based on actual data


Cut costs from services you no longer need


Finally get the ball rolling on supplier change






A central place where you can stay in control and manage the people connected to your contracts.

Assign responsible people for contracts


Give temporary access to external advisers


Stay in control of locations and employees


Link responsible people to user accounts






Finally, a complete overview of the assets connected to your contracts and used in the Company.

Complete overview of your asset utilization


Collect assets from people when they quit


Reassign assets to a different department


Get in control of all assets in your Company





Create a Contractpedia account and start fixing the contract mess



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