Do you need Contractpedia?

All organisations need to manage their contracts – not just big enterprises

Even if you are not a big organisation, you still need to manage your commitments. Here are some of the contracts that you probably have and can start managing with Contractpedia today:

Software Licences


Commercial Agreements

Insurance Agreements


Consultancy Agreement

Employee Contracts




Print Agreements

Facility Services

Maintenance Agreements

Hosting and Domains

Cleaning Services

Telecom subscriptions

When you manage your contracts with Contractpedia, there are no unwated auto-renewals. You have full overview of your commitments and are able to reduce risks and generate cost savings. If an employee quits their job you can see which assets you need to collect and which software subscriptions to cancel. Do you think you need to manage your contracts? Think about the following questions:

Do you have any software subscriptions? Are there some unused ones?

Have you signed contracts with suppliers? Is it hard to say exactly how many?

Do you pay for domain and web hosting? Is it unclear how much you pay for what?

Do you rent an office? Are there any extra costs in the rental agreement?

Do you copy and print? Are you aware of all your commitments to the supplier?

Do you know when you have to give notice if you don’t want to auto-renew?

Are you sure the invoices you receive are correct? Have you ever compared them with your contracts and agreements?
If these questions made you think, why don’t you sign up for a free trial or request a live demonstration to see what makes Contractpedia powerful?