When a lease of 15 machines at the National Museum expiry, decided the museum to offer the purchase of new machines, but first sought counseling.

We went in to SKI’s website and found IKR among the recommended consultants. It was important for us that there was an independent advisor.

We had at that time already done some preliminary work to assess our needs but IKR helped us to establish precise specifications and also to scale down the need, as we with new machines could do with some smaller and cheaper machines, says IT manager Steen Weidemann from the National Museum.

IKR’s work started with talks with the working group in the house who had contact with all departments. Steen Weidemann emphasizes that IKR’s consultants with a background in copy industry was good to get the actual needs identified, as they could help to figure out the various offers that came in on the delivery of the new machines.

Our desire was to get an offer that partly here and now was attractive, partly to get a long-term relationship with a regular supplier, which is also managed. We have also saved time and money well too, although I can not put an amount of, says Steen Weidemann, who will use the consultants from IKR next time, the museum has an actual case.


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