Why did we decide to help?


Contractpedia was launched in 2016 following our frustration with the lack of affordable and suitable contract management solutions. Most of them were too complicated, expensive or not right for small and medium-sized businesses. We built Contractpedia to help you manage contracts effectively without blowing the budget.

The clear contract overview that Contractpedia provides will help you to be aware of your actual obligations and to remember taking action. We’re based in Denmark, famous for LEGO and Hans Christian Andersen.



Jesper Zangenberg, Founder & CEO



Our aim is to help you get a financial overview of the contracts that govern your supplier relationships.


Whether you need technical support or want to get help with your contracts, we are always happy to help.


We take information security very seriously and your data is protected in a professional way using modern practices.


We empower you to make the right decisions about your commitments based on actual data.




Our two main goals

To help you control your contracts so that contracts do not control you.

Following our dream, we have a modern contract management solution to help our customers easily get an overview of their obligations and expenses and as a result save money. Sign up for free and you are ready to get started.


To help you get answers to the following questions and be your trusted partner:

What are my remaining obligations? What are my expenses next month? How do I do better budgets? Who is responsible to terminate the contracts? Do I still have all assets linked to the contract? When is the best time to renew the contracts?



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