Vejle Vocational School was started with a tender on purchase of 10 copiers, when the school was contacted by IKR with offers of help.

– It seemed we come to the test. Our expectation was that the consultant from IKR could control the process of choosing among the offers, reviewing documents and providing the interface to suppliers. And it lived up to.

One of the things I noticed was that IKR started by asking users about their needs so we got clear, what we really needed, says CFO Jan Walther from Vejle Business.
“The school has received full value for money” – Jan Walther
He points out that the school in addition to the financial savings also have saved a lot of time, which experience goes with such a case. The collaboration went well, and Jan Walther feels himself that he and the school have learned from the process.

– We have learned a lot about where we need to be careful so we are better prepared today. I can already feel, when sellers calling and offering products. Now I ask the right questions, and that means that I am not so easily goes into a trap, says Jan Walther.

He believes that the school has received full value for money, not least because the school now has a complete inventory of what IKR found the needs, problems and solutions. He dares therefore well recommend others in the same situation to contact IKR if they need professional help for copying and printing contracts.


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