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We needed an objective assessment of our needs and help, avail to buy and to offer round.

When Niels Sværke from Toyota Denmark was introduced to IKR at a meeting of Danish IT, he decided that the consultants should look into the company’s current set-up to ensure the quality of it. And I think that IKR has solved well. They have delivered the goods, says Niels Sværke. Toyota Denmark got a report, which outlined the company machine to machine, and submit tenders found IKR together with Toyota the best solution.

– I must admit that compared to internal time and resources, we could not even have done that.

Furthermore, we are not specialists in this area, and therefore chose to do business with consultants who have it as their specialty. We got a solution and usable documentation, then we should in the future be in need of purchase or the like will IKR be an option, says Niels Sværke from Toyota Denmark.

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