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We help our customers control their contracts, so that contracts do not control them.

-We help our customers control their contracts so that contracts do not control them- - Jesper Zangenberg Founder and CEO (2)

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Jesper has helped many private and public organizations, such as Government of Denmark, most of the Danish municipalities, Copenhagen Business School, Copenhagen University and Rockwool, save money and optimize internal processes by advising them about their copy & print contracts. While he was managing some of the biggest contracts in this area, he saw the need of a powerful, yet easy to use and modern contract management system that secures financial overview and a clear picture of all commitments.




Contractpedia is a private company based and headquartered in Denmark. The Company was established with the goal of helping small and medium-sized organizations, both in the private and the public sector, manage effective contracts. Most of the contract management systems are either too complicated, expensive, not suitable for small and medium-sized organizations, or will help you only before you sign the contract. Contractpedia makes your contracts transparent so that you are fully aware of your actual income and expenses.



A lot of small and medium-sized organizations still manage their contracts in the drawer. We want to help them realize that digitizing contract management can bring them a lot of benefits. And Contractpedia can be the tool that will not only transform the way contracts are managed but will also help them benefit the most on their commitments.

Almost all contracts and subscriptions today are made, so that we are committed in one way or another. Just think of: software subscriptions, office equipment to lease, car lease, office rental, office cleaning, bank loan agreements, shareholder agreements, maintenance and service expenses for all kinds of products and more. Many organizations have experienced challenges with:

• Having a full overview of all signed contracts
• Deciding between renewing and terminating a contract at the appropriate time
• Being aware of the utilization of contracts and assets linked to them
• Storing all documents associated with a specific contract in a single place
• Remembering to terminate a contract when it will auto-renew
• Remembering to extend a contract at the most appropriate time.



Our two main goals are:

• To help our customers control their contracts so that contracts do not control them. Following our dream, we have made an affordable and modern contract management software solution to help our customers easily get an overview of their obligations and expenses and as a result save money. No need to install anything or integrate complicated modules. Simply buy your monthly subscription and you are ready to get started.

• To help our customers get answers to the following questions and be their partner in making the most on their commitments: What are my remaining obligations? What are my expenses and income next month? How shall I make the budget? Do I still need a particular contract? Who should be responsible to terminate a contract? Do I still have all assets linked to the contract? When is the best time to renew the contracts?


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